Too Blue Cover

Too Blue

A satirical comment on prejudice. And it is very short — about a page and a half. I wanted to make this story free, but I only half succeeded. It’s free at Smashwords.  (Smashwords offers ebooks in all formats.)



Ra's Revenge CoverRa’s Revenge

Angus MacDonald loves his garden, but not the cats that dig holes in it. In the process of devising deterrents for cats, his wife tells him the facts about and the history of the feline race. Who will win this territorial battle — Angus or a cat that might indeed be a descendant of the Great Cat Ra?

It’s available at Smashwords for free.


A Proposal of MarriageA Proposal of Marriage

No, it’s not romance. It might be called science fiction. Or magic realism. Or are those both the same thing? You decide! The plot? Assassination and marriage dominate a conversation around the bridge table on a sultry summer afternoon.

Available at Smashwords free.


Grand ChampionGrand Champion

A look at what might happen if the roles were reversed and cats were in charge of judging humans. Perhaps more fantasy than science fiction, but fun nonetheless!

It’s available at Smashwords free.



Early RetirementEarly Retirement

It’s about a couple who travel the Windsong trail along the waterfront every weekday. He waddles, she runs. He complains, she works. He dies. The cops say it was a heart attack. But is that true?

It’s available free at Smashwords.



Running the ShaleRunning the Shale

On a midsummer hike along the river, a teenager risks getting into deep water in more than one way.

Available free at Smashwords.



True ShapesTrue Shapes

A beautiful and idealistic young princess kisses a forlorn frog and discovers that true shapes are not always what they appear to be.

Available free at Smashwords.


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