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CHARGER THE WEAPON — The Charger Chronicles #2 (Science Fiction)

Many years after the Mahoud war, Charger reflects on his bizarre life, a simple mechanic who became a vampire with werewolf allies, fighting aliens from a distant solar system. It’s such B-movie material. Humanity created him because they needed a monster and he’s still protecting them. He does what they cannot, yet they fear and despise him for it.

A war on New Eden puts Charger back on the front line, but victory brings the bitter irony of learning that the Taskers are humans in bio-mechanical bodies. Then the ruthless alien Grays attack with the Night of the Black Rain, intending to destroy all humanity. Charger takes on the seemingly hopeless task of saving the human race once again.

He welcomes death, but the serene oblivion doesn’t last. The Prime Tasker resurrects Charger to wage yet another war and unintentionally recreates him with the powers of a god. A very angry god. The results are disastrous.

The final threat to mankind’s survival is a sentient, massive black sphere intent on revenge. Will Charger consent to save humanity again?



95,500 words

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Chapter 1 ~ Dart speaks to Reader


            Are you ready for the second installment of humankind’s history, Reader? I hope so, because time is growing short. The forces that want to destroy Earth and mankind will be here within a few days. But we at least have time to test your memory on the first one, Charger the Soldier. What do you remember about that?

            Yes, we’re living in the year 4800 CE and I’m one thousand and eighty-three years old. And yes, I’m also the last man to walk the face of Earth. But that wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

            Oh, you don’t like exams? But everyone has to take exams. It’s a condition of being civilized. Or maybe a condition of being educated. I really don’t remember.

            How do I know all this history if I didn’t live through it? Charger himself told me some of it and Charger is my father, so I was told. The rest I learned from the Tasker and Dinosauroid records.

            Now, Reader, I’m supposed to be the one asking the questions. Tell me what you remember from the first installment.

            Yes, the alien Gray race landed on Earth millions of years ago and messed with the DNA of both dinosaurs and humans. Though, personally, I wouldn’t call it ‘messing.’ After all, the Grays were so advanced that, in comparison, humankind looked like worms.

            Ha ha! Earthworms. All right, Reader, you’re feeling pretty frisky this morning, aren’t you? Of course, you already know that Charger is going to save you from the forces of evil. But what will happen to me?

            Oh, you think Charger will save me because I’m his son. Reader, you don’t know Charger!

            But let’s revisit the ‘Earthworms’ for a moment. Just imagine going back to cave-man days with a time-lock device, for example, or let’s push it a bit and say a Bic lighter from early in the twentieth century. Flick that lighter and produce flame in front of cave people. They’d worship you as a god because you could make flames come out of your hand. The point is, we’re so advanced there’s no way we could explain to a primitive human what a time-lock device is. And the same applies to us in comparison with the Grays.

            That’s right! All advanced technology looks like magic when you’ve never seen anything like it before. Now, tell me about the Mahoud-Earth war.

            Yes, it was humans killing humans, as usual, except that Earth people thought Mahoud people were aliens and many of them went on thinking so, even when they learned the Mahouds were human. Yes, very human behavior, trying to bend the facts to fit with their prejudices.

            You’d like to see the big underground forest cultivated in Somalia by the First Ones? I’m sorry, but that isn’t possible. Our limited time is not the only reason. You’ll learn the other very soon.

            Did the spaceship Loki reach planet GHQ179? Eventually. Much later than they expected to.

            One last question. What do you think of Charger now?

            He’s a hero? Not a killing machine?

            Well, I will admit that he did what humans told him to do because he wanted to save them. And because he obeyed orders, humans came to regard him as a hateful monster and wanted to destroy him.

            Yes, I’m sure if I were treated that way, I’d be angry, too. I can’t deny that his solution to most problems is to simply wade in and kill everybody.

            Am I glad he’s on our side?

            You bet!

            Now, let me tell you what happened to the Mavens who stole the old alien supply ship and escaped into space.



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