Charger the Soldier

Charger The Soldier frontCHARGER THE SOLDIER, Book 1 of The Charger Chronicles

In 2030, extraterrestrials attack Earth with poison mist and terrifying technology. Sacrificing his chance for a normal life, Henry is converted to a powerful super-soldier. He becomes Charger the Hyborg, twice as big, with metal armor as skin, artificial blood, two genetically modified werewolves mind-linked to him, and four wicked fangs –– Frankenstein meets Dracula.

Billions die … Earth becomes a burned-out ruin … and humans are grateful that Charger and the other Hyborgs are on their side.

Sweeping back 65 million years, Charger the Soldier revisits the moment when aliens first arrived on Earth, reveals potentially lethal secrets about the history of dinosaurs and humans, and visits ancient cities buried deep beneath Stonehenge and the African city of Dhuusamareeb.

While Charger struggles to accept his peacetime duties as a soldier, the ethics of doomsday are explored, along with the lengths man will go to in order to protect his home.

But that’s only the beginning, because space-faring, technology, and human nature will create many new challenges in the millennia to come. Look for Charger the Weapon, and Charger the God, Books 2 and 3 of The Charger Chronicles.


96,600 words
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Chapter 1  Dart speaks to Reader

My name is Dart. I’m an average kind of guy, who has led an average life, with two exceptions. I am more than a thousand years old, as perhaps you can guess from my long gray hair and beard.

And I am the last man to walk the face of this once great planet Earth.

You sit there, Reader, hearing my story, and you ask what it’s like to live a thousand years. I can only speak for myself because I’m not exactly average anymore, and not entirely human either. When I was born, the normal life span of a human was just barely one hundred and thirty years. Yes, I can see you’re surprised.

Why am I the last man on Earth? Obviously you have many questions. And I am just the man to give you the answers, which Charger has delegated me to do.

You want to know why I wear a tall, black pointed hat and a robe embroidered with planets? Because, back about five hundred years ago when everybody decided to role-play, I chose to be a wizard.

No, the people on Ceres voted to become Dwarves and those on Mars to become Elves. Earthers went steampunk and the population of New Eden became mostly Techno-creeps. Besides, I am tall, thin, bony, and a little hunched, so a wizard’s costume suited me better than anything else popular at the time.

Reader, my eyes are black and piercing, not black and spooky! You must stop teasing and pay attention.

Yes, of course I am going to explain everything. As a matter of fact, I must explain everything, for you alone will carry the entire history of humanity into the future.

Why you alone? Because in just a few days the biggest and most powerful enemies humans have ever faced will be here, bent on destroying Earth. That’s why you must concentrate on what I have to teach you.

No, Charger will save you.

How long is the story? Well, it starts in 65,000,000 BCE and will end sometime this week, the middle of August, in 4800 CE.

Don’t sigh, Reader. The story is long in years, but not in the telling. I’ll leave out all the boring bits. And yes, I do know that when humanity began, perhaps a million years ago, we were very primitive. But there were some mighty interesting and important events that happened much further back, which determined how we turned out and who we ended up fighting for our survival.

Is Charger the hero?

Well, I wouldn’t call Charger a hero, though perhaps I should since he’s my father. He began life, in the twenty-first century, as one of the saviors of Earth but eventually became a despised monster.

How can I call my father a monster?

Listen, Reader, he was reviled by all. To call him malevolent or evil is to accord him some high purpose in life, but nothing could be further from the truth. He became a brute who felt rage but never pity, and seemed utterly bereft of the goodness and decency possessed by the kind young man from whom he was created.

Do I hate him?

Sometimes. But then I remember that before he became Charger R/T, he was just Charger, and before that, Henry, a young man who willingly gave up everything but life itself to ensure the survival of humanity.

He was a hated but necessary blackness thrust upon our very existence. No shadowy figure in the darkness waiting to strike the unsuspecting, no grand speechmaker fooling listeners with sugary words, his willingness to kill never abated. And his disdain for humanity was absolute. A paradox: humans meant nothing and yet everything to this frantic madness known as Charger.

But, in humanity’s desperate hours, in every fight for our very right to exist, we needed a hero.

What we delivered to ourselves instead, created by our own hands, was the unacknowledged monster found in every last one of us, in the deepest recesses of our minds. The monster who denies incestuous desires, then fulfills them; the false friend who will manipulate to gain power; the molester of innocents; the preacher of divine behavior who indulges in whoring and theft. In a desperate bid for survival, our fear of death drove us to manifest in living flesh that which we all claim to despise.

I will describe to you, Reader, a great and terrible time on planet Earth. The story will explain to what lengths we were driven, what moralities we rejected, what disgust we willingly embraced. It will explain who Charger is, and what we became because of him.

What justifications can I give you for the atrocities humanity committed?


This is the story of Charger and of humanity. I must leave it to you to judge. When the story is done, that will be your task.


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