Charger the God

charger-god-cover-webCharger the God — The Charger Chronicles #3

Charger R/T has spent most of his life saving humans both from themselves and from the alien Grays. Now he has to deal with Abarth, a permanently angry man who plans to destroy the rest of humanity in revenge for its imagined persecution of him. He also wants to destroy Charger R/T because he won’t join Abarth’s game plan. Everyone’s schemes are complicated by Pennington, a religious woman who will worship any entity as long as it allows her to preach against science.

To further confuse matters, Abarth’s crony, Jet, has discovered how to time-travel, and he sends Charger R/T bouncing through time, intervening in Gray attacks and, along the way, honoring a request to destroy heaven.

Charger R/T gradually develops the powers of a god and eventually must fight thousands of black spheres and alien Crenels. And, when the dust settles, he is surprised to discover that there are still humans who need his help. Will he do so? Or will he refuse?



91,300 words

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Chapter 1  Dart speaks to Reader

I hope you’re ready for the third and final instalment of humanity’s history, Reader. Do you remember how the second instalment ended?

That’s right. Charger R/T, the First Ones, and the black sphere god were captured in a time-lock in the year 2640 CE.

Yes, I know this is 4800 CE, and we still have a little more than two thousand years of history to cover. And not much time in which to do it. Charger figures the giants will attack within a couple of days. So I’m going to skip the first thousand years.

Didn’t anything happen then?

You’ll find it hard to believe, but humanity was actually at peace for all those years. There were tremendous scientific advances, though. And the original black hollow planet, Neo Terra, once used as a world ship, was made to orbit New Eden, just like a moon. Fantastic cities rose skyward, inhabited by thriving humans finally safe from the villainous Grays and the malevolent black sphere god.

The advances in science really were fantastic. Long ago, when humans discovered the Higgs boson in what was called a super collider, they began to realize that other types of particles should exist. These became known as exotic particles. Because everything in the universe is made of elements, such as gold, silver, and oxygen, the exotic particles had to be elements, too.

These particles couldn’t be seen but, through mathematics, we knew they had to be there. What we found was truly revolutionary, for the new particles turned out to be linked to elements we already knew. Sort of like anti-gold, or anti-oxygen. We found anti-gravity elements, and eventually, anti-aging elements.

Yes, Reader, those anti-aging elements are the reason I’m well over a thousand years old.

With these discoveries, we realized that we could create anything, and I do mean anything. We could repair oceans, soil, and air, and even recreate life. To people from the twentieth century or even later, what we did would have seemed like magic.

Try to imagine you’re a cave man, and you meet a person who makes gold rings from rocks. To you, this is pure magic, because the best you can do is bang the rocks together and maybe chip off a piece here and there.

It’s just that we understand things better scientifically. But humanity itself didn’t change much. We were always a brutish, savage, loving species capable of amazing good as well as tremendous evil. We could be disciplined, faithful, and honorable but, for all that, we were still vulnerable to our baser instincts.

People have always wondered what other species live out there in space. We knew about the Grays but we mistakenly thought their society had self-destructed. So we went exploring and discovered a third race of beings. They were quite weird.

Well, imagine a water world. Now remove the water and replace it with formamide. Formamide is basically a clear liquid produced from formic acid, and it stinks horribly. These beings, like a combination of fish and bird, flew around their planet’s surface, going to work and playing games, much as humans did.

But they were enormous, their young the size of dinosaurs. Their world was massive, too. Every couple of years, their world would get really hot, up to 180 degrees Centigrade. This caused the formamide to turn into carbon monoxide and ammonia, and that’s when these crazy-looking fish/bird things developed legs and walked around. There was hard land beneath the liquid. They appeared to communicate with one another, and they did build homes to live in, and farmed some really sick-looking jelly things.

Yeah, it was gross to watch them eat those.

Scientists decided the best way to interact with these things was to become them, so a team of people altered their bodies to look like these creatures. It was nearly two years before the team returned and gave their report. The information was quite unsettling. I won’t even try to describe their sex life. We decided to wait a bit longer before trying to make friends with them. The plan was to return when they were more technologically prepared to understand us.

Is Charger going to be in this part of the story?

Oh, very much so! You do remember he’s called Charger R/T now? The original Charger died on Neo Terra, in flames, and was buried there. But later on, the Prime Taskoid collected his remains, resurrected him and called him Charger R/T.

R/T stands for ‘resurrected terminus.’

Yes, the ‘living dead.’

Are you scared yet, Reader?

No? Oh, I see, you still think he’s a hero. Well, let’s get started on the story.

It’s the year 3640 CE and in the largest city on New Eden stands a crumbling statue from an almost forgotten time in the past. Though people no longer remember why it’s there, they believe this remarkable statue should be maintained. Construction crews led by Abarth, the project manager, will move the statue in order to rebuild the crumbling foundation. And, in so doing, discover a device of alien design and unknown origin buried deep beneath it.

What do you suppose will happen when they open Pandora’s Box?


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