About Me

2015-05-06-irene-bday-lunchWhere I come from

An isolated homestead in northern Canada, with no phones, no power and no school except by mail. During warm weather I worked outside with machinery or animals and wandered the wilderness on my own. During the long, cold winters, I developed a passion for books.


Where I’ve worked 

Many places, from rep theater in San Francisco to accounting on Vancouver Island.


What I like

Books, learning, books, research, books, cats, books, and food. And oh, did I mention books? Favorite science: geology.

What I don’t like

Marketing, traveling, television, noise, anchovies. 

What I write

Humor (about cats), science fiction, wild and tame, mainstream novels and short stories. So far I’ve completed 21 books, ditched 4, published 17. I’ve been writing fiction for 30 years.

Where I’m going

Who knows? The world has infinite possibilities.

Favorite nickname

Sneaky Pete. Apparently my plots kinda sneak up on you!


CONTACT: ibltassie at gmail dot com

  One thought on “About Me

  1. Pete
    July 12, 2015 at 8:02 am

    Super job with this web site Irene.


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