Short Stack Three

Booby prize — prize  given as a joke to the last-place finisher in a competition

Brainiac — a comic book supervillain (1938); a very intelligent person (1982)

Heebie-jeebies — anxiety, apprehension, jitters, the willies (1920s)

Dicing with death — taking serious risks (1940)

Step up to the plate — accept a challenge (from baseball)

It’s your nickel — it’s your turn to talk

Tintiddle — a witty retort that you think of too late

Conniption fit — sudden outburst of hysterical excitement or anger (1825-35)

Muck around — fool around or to cheat or deal dishonestly with someone

Straight as a die — a plain person or object, correct and true (1500s)

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