short stack

Absquatulate — to flee or abscond (mock-Latin word, American, 1837)

Flapdoodler — one who talks nonsense (often political)

Jibber-jabber — inchoherent rapid speech

Lubitorium — an automobile service station

Omnifarious — dealing with all kinds of things (1653)

Phobanthropy — the morbid dread of mankind

Quockerwodger — a wooden puppet, or a politician controlled by secret powers

Rawky — foggy, damp, and cold, as in a raw day

Scriptitation — continual writing (which is what I wish I could do) (Scots, 1653)

Snollygoster — a shrewd, unprincipled person, often a politician

Whim-wham — odd or fanciful object, 1500s

Woofits — slang for a headache, a moody depression, a hangover

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