Deep Water

I’m thrilled to annouce that I have a new book out! Here’s the cover and the back cover blurb:


Deception Bay is still what might be called a sleepy village, but right now it isn’t peaceful. Between the possible sale of the venerable Wayfarer Inn to make way for upscale condominiums, and a major fire, Larry, local bartender, and Brenda, local realtor, have plenty to gossip about. Add the discovery of human remains in a hunter’s cabin, and they also have plenty to be curious about. Since both have a never-ending fascination with why humans do the things they do, they are still discovering odd things about the covert Amazon Club and other village denizens. Brenda and Larry have become lovers, but she is still dating Charlie, too, and this pushes the village gossip meter over the top. They manage to deal with that backlash without losing their senses of humor, but some people find themselves in the deep water of dangerous or vulnerable situations. 


The book is available at, in any format, for $2.99 US. 

Happy reading!

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  One thought on “Deep Water

  1. Diane Barker
    September 1, 2019 at 9:28 am

    Looking forward to reading it!

    Diane Barker (250) 588-1477



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