the book is out!

The Case of the Copycat Killer is book #5 in The Charger Chronicles series. For a book that’s half the size of a regular novel, it’s got a lot happening — science fiction, mystery and humor. Sorry, no cowboys or vampires. No ghosts, either!

Here’s the back page blurb:

The first murder victim was splattered like chunky tomato sauce across the cobblestone street and up a brick wall. Subsequent victims suffered the exact same fate, in the exact same spot.

How could that happen? New London is just an ordinary block-square tourist trap in the New Denver of 2170. Owned by the Church of the Brothers of Boundless Space, it offers tours and rides in carriages drawn by robot horses. It’s a replica of the 1880s London area where Jack the Ripper did his dirty deeds. 

Captain Jack O. Lantern thinks a bomb exploded the victims, but Forensics says not. He’s helped in the investigation by his sidekick, Lucie, who is often distracted by Kiska, her crazy mother. And by a Biodroid named Super Pilot, who wears a white silk scarf around his silver metal neck, and has a strange sense of humor. And, oddly enough, by Clarissa, son of the BOBS archbishop.

Jack suspects Charger the Hyborg. But Charger, as usual, isn’t talking. 

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The ebook ($2.99) is available at, here, in any format:

Or from Amazon ($2.99), here (also a paperback for $7.95 US):


Happy reading!

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