Short stuff

Larger than life — exceedingly imposing, impressive, or memorable

Take a fancy to — take a shine to, become fond of

Rare as hen’s teeth — exceptionally rare or nonexistent [Mid-1800s]

Snap to it! — hurry up!

Knee-high to a grasshopper — very small or young [USA 1814]

That’ll put hair on your chest — make you stronger

Give the gears — Harass, pester or tease (Canadian)

Knock the stuffing out of — beat up someone physically or mentally

A bridge too far — a goal too ambitious (WWII, Sept/44 — Operation Market Garden)

Hotter than the hinges of hell — VERY hot

Music to my ears — pleasing news (late 16th century)

Horn in — intrude or interrupt (American cowboy slang, 1880)

Lock horns — argue (based on two fighting animals such as deer)

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