The Missing Year

I’m celebrating the spring equinox by announcing that The Missing Year, 4th of The Charger Chronicles series, is out as of today, March 21, 2017. Here’s the back page blurb:

This science fiction novella is not a prequel nor a sequel to The Charger Chronicles. It is an “inquel,” or a story in the middle of a story, not affecting the main plot.

Linda, an electrician in the 37th century, suffers severe electric shock on the job. When she comes to, the sky is black, every human on New Eden is unconscious, and she is alone.

She doesn’t know the planet is surrounded by black spheres, bent on avenging their brother, who they believe was destroyed by humans a thousand years before.

Linda struggles against the mass of ruthless spheres, fighting impossible odds, yet always finding new ways to combat the aliens. Desperate for someone to talk to, she keeps an online diary, and adopts a broken robot.

Exhausted and battered, Linda’s situation is critical by the time Charger R/T happens to turns up. Will Linda be able to use this unpredictable warrior to save New Eden and humanity from the invading spheres?

For more information about my books visit my page at Smashwords:

The paperback ($10.00) is available from me:
Phone: 250-380-9496

The ebook ($2.99) is available at, here:

Or from Amazon ($2.99), here (also a paperback for $6.95 US):

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