Ebook sale!

banner2“Read an Ebook Week” is a regular annual promotion and celebration of digital books at Smashwords, an ebook distributor. This year the sale runs from one minute after midnight Sunday morning, March 5th, to midnight on Saturday, March 11th.

All my books and short stories on Smashwords will be FREE for that week. Enjoy!

Click on this Smashwords link to see list of books on sale, which will range from 25% off to FREE.

This promotion is exclusive to Smashwords, where you can download ebooks in any format, including those used by Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble.

Here is a list of my published ebooks and short stories:

Tour into Danger

Cat Humor:
Cats in Clover
Siamese Summers
Cat Under Cover
Cats & Crayons

A Clear Eye
Double Image
Deception Bay

Science Fiction:
Green Blood Rising
Red Blood Falling

Charger the Soldier
Charger the Weapon
Charger the God

Short Stories:
Harvest (collection)
Too Blue
Ra’s Revenge
A Proposal of Marriage
Grand Champion
Early Retirement
Running the Shale

See more details at https://leatassiewriter.com/ or on the Smashwords site.

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