short takes

What can’t be cured must be endured — there is no point complaining about what is unavoidable. In use since 1377.

Smidgen — a very small amount, as in tad, dash, pinch, and drop. Anything between 1/25th and 1/48th of a teaspoon.

Every last (one) — a variant of “each and every one,” since the late 1800s

Snickerdoodle — a version of sugar cookie

Can’t do X to save my life — completely inept

Fat chance — incredibly unlikely

Slim chance — incredibly unlikely

Driving me up the wall — causing me extreme exasperation and annoyance

Two-edged sword — something that might help you or hurt you, or both (15th Century)

Head in the clouds — prone to flights of fancy (mid-1600s)

Call it a day — stop doing something for the day, retire. (1919)

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