euphemisms for death

I promised I’d come back with the rest of the delightful euphemisms for death that I picked out of some long lists. Death is obviously not everybody’s favorite subject or we wouldn’t have so many substitutes for the correct name.

Pushing up daisies — seems like a pleasant and worthwhile endeavor

Crossed the rainbow bridge — sounds like fairyland, or a musical

Six feet under — the standard depth for coffins

Sleeping with the fishes — sleeping sounds nice

Wearing a pine overcoat — I’d prefer cedar

Bought a one-way ticket — or maybe it was a gift

Checked into Motel Deep 6 — and has a permanent room

Flatlined — a medical term, no heartbeat

Kicked the oxygen habit — and habits are SO hard to break

Belly up — I’d rather belly up to the bar

Turn up one’s toes — horizontal ballet dancing?

Checked out — sounds like a voluntary move to me

Closed shop — time to go home, perhaps

On permanent vacation — I’ll take a lot of books

Wearing a toe tag — permanent jewelry

Gone off-line — sorry, I’m taking the computer with me

Gone to the last roundup — there’s a song to go with this

That was all she wrote — good one for writers

Expired — and I don’t think one can renew!

Danced the last dance — sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

Go home in a box — no ribbons on this one

Tending toward a state of chemical equilibrium — very scientific!

Nature’s way of telling you to slow down — Nature can be a bitch

Have a nice day!

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