Writing for the market

I have been so busy formatting Charger the Soldier, the first book of The Charger Chronicles series, that I completely forgot about posting here yesterday! The good news is, that if nothing dire happens to get in my way, the book will be out in about ten days! 

So, since I don’t have time right now to research weird phrases, I’ll air one of my less profound opinions.

I’ve read hundreds of how-to books about writing and still read articles online. One constantly recurring piece of advice is to “write for the market.” I must, the pundits say, identify my market and write for them.

As far as I’m concerned, my market is anybody and everybody who likes what I write.

There is another long-established “rule” that I break all the time. The pundits say, “Choose the genre you wish to write in and stick with it.”

Sorry, can’t do that. Don’t WANT to do that. I don’t limit my reading to one particular subject or type of book. Why should I limit my writing in that way? I have far-ranging interests. I’ve written humor, romantic suspense, contemporary, science fiction, short stories and poetry. Oh yes, and many years ago, a cookbook. My next project is may well be fantasy. I won’t know what it’s going to be until I get there.

What these so-called rules don’t address is the fact that fiction writers are artists. Most painters choose subjects they like and paint them in their own style. Yes, many painters, particularly in centuries past, were financed by royalty and no doubt painted to order. But I’m sure they didn’t like such restrictions any better than I do.

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