Short takes

Ubiquitous: existing everywhere

Nullibiquitous: existing nowhere

Dollymop: Amateur female prostitute in 19th century London. (‘Dolly’ was one of the slang terms for penis.)

Boondocking: Camping without hookups, usually in a completely undeveloped area.

Safe as houses: Very secure. A shelter from the elements, from the late 1800s.

Hang tight/sit tight: stay where you are, pending new events

Hang loose: relax completely

Hang out/hang around: spend time

Hang tough: stick to one’s position, refuse to change

Hang in: persevere

Hang back: be reluctant to proceed

“Hang” appears to be another word like “ear” — it’s used in many, many different ways. And then there’s “hangover” which means something remaining from a time before. It may be a suitable word for Sunday morning if you like to paint the town red on Saturday night.

And isn’t “nullibiquitous” a delicious word? If only I could remember it long enough to use it in some appropriate conversation!

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