Writing News

Too Blue CoverI’ve published a new short story called “Too Blue.” It’s a short satirical comment on prejudice. And it is very short — about a page and a half. I wanted to make this story free, but I only half succeeded. It’s free at Smashwords, but I discovered that Amazon has a bottom limit of 99 cents. Take your pick! 🙂

What is interesting to me as a writer/publisher is that you have to have a cover for short stories for the web. Since I like doing covers, this is fun for me, but it did seem odd to be creating a full page cover for a story that probably weighs in at about 700 words.

Another item on the learning curve was writing a description, required by both sites. When describing a novel, Smashwords’ upper limit of 400 characters for an in-house description, and 4,000 characters to be sent to book sellers is excruciatingly tight. That’s characters, not words. If you assume words average 6 characters, that works out to roughly 66 words for the first and 666 words for the latter. The description I wrote for Smashwords was about 40 characters and that’s when I discovered they have a bottom limit, too! 50 characters. I had to add about 3 unnecessary words to my description to reach that bottom limit.

And, in other news, as they say on TV, I’ve started a new web site, The Charger Chronicles, to celebrate a new science fiction series that I’m working on. So far it has a page about me, and three pages for previous science fiction I’ve written. I will be blogging there occasionally and hope to reveal the cover of Book #1 in a month or so.

Happy reading!

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