Out of the blue: without any warning or preparation. Variation: out of a clear blue sky.

Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile: people will take advantage of your generosity.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander: the sexes should be treated in the same way and not be subjected to different standards. (John Ray’s English Proverbs 1678)

Death warmed over: Looking ill or exhausted. Suggests that you look only slightly better than if you were dead. The phrase appeared in the Soldier’s War Slang Dictionary in 1939. 

At the top of your lungs: As loud as you can.

The phrases above are what I like to call “short takes.” I like them, but am unable to discover any interesting history or anecdotes about them. So I’ll give you a couple of bits of writing news as well.

I’ve updated this site by adding samples of the writing to all the book pages, which is something I should have done months ago. However, if I did all the things I “should” do, I wouldn’t have much time left for writing. To read a sample, simply click on a book cover in the lefthand sidebar and when the page comes up, scroll down until you see “Sample.”

I’m building a new website for the science fiction series I’m presently working on. This series has now expanded to five books, and I suspect the possibilities are limitless. The first book is in the final stages of editing. When both it and the new site are done, I’ll announce it here.

And, as if I don’t have enough “should do’s” in my life, I’m planning to polish and publish some short stories online. There will probably be one each month until I run out of stories or run out of steam, whichever comes first!

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