mid-week roundup

First of all, here is a new word: “wrabble” A friend coined this one to describe the chatty emails we exchange, being a combination of ‘babble’ and ‘write.’ We do babble at one another, but since she lives on the other side of the continent, we write our babbling. It’s a verb, of course, so we wrabble, we are wrabbling, and we wrabbled yesterday. Yes, I think that one will work!

The comments on Deception Bay, released last month, are starting to come in. This one came from a friend and made me purr: 

Just a note to let you know that I just finished Deception Bay, and I LOVED it! In fact, it may be my favorite book of yours so far. I really enjoyed the character development and the way the plot unfolded. Excellent job, and I’ll look forward to talking about it more when I see you.

I’m reading a book called Wild Voice of the North, by Sally Carrighar, a naturalist. I like books about animals and the wild, especially about the north, and she writes in a comfortable, conversational way, without a lot of technical detail, so I’m enjoying it. It’s an old book, published first in 1953, but I liked her One Day on Beetle Rock so much that I made a project of collecting all her books from secondhand bookstores and am finally getting around to them. 

So it came as somewhat of a surprise when I discovered that Wild Voice of the North, published by Doubleday in New York, was published under a different title, A Husky in the House, by Michael Joseph in London. However, I did read recently that British publishers apparently always change the titles of books originally published in the US.

Of course, that might have been just wrabble!

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