Deception Bay

That’s the name of the novel I’m just about to publish, and getting it ready for the printer, as well as two online sites, has been keeping me glued to the keyboard all weekend. My frustrations arise because I have to use Microsoft Word to submit the manuscripts to the online publishers.

My word processor of choice is WordPerfect, which I’ve been using for at least 25 years. Microsoft beat out the developers of WordPerfect by clever promotion, certainly not because it had a better product. Word has got to be the worst word processor in existence. It acts like an old-fashioned patriarch; there is simply no arguing with it! It decides the way things have to be and there is no appeal. And no work-arounds, though I have tried to find some.

However, I’ve persevered to the point where the manuscripts are all ready to go. Now I just have to double-check the cover and save it in various sizes and the book is good to go.

Here’s the back page blurb:

To a tourist, the sleepy village of Deception Bay appears to be an idyllic, peaceful retreat, anything but deceptive.  But Larry, the bartender in the old, quaint, ivy-covered inn, and Brenda, his realtor buddy, know better. They discover the secrets lurking below the surface, such as who attends the occult meetings and who committed the unreported rape. They can guess who lit the mysterious fire, though there’s no proof, and they discover the motives of the man who is definitely not what he seems to be. And they are not above starting a few rumors of their own to make the local news more interesting!

It’s a light-hearted read. Not a murder mystery and not a romance. In fact, I think I could say that the main character, in a way, is the village itself.

I’ll post the cover when it’s done. And will let you know when it’s available in both print and digital.



  One thought on “Deception Bay

  1. August 2, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    Lea, send me your cover components, and I can experiment with them and send you some samples.


  2. Marion Cameron
    August 3, 2015 at 10:30 am

    Hi Lea, congrats on your new novel! As per one of your saying, “you have been “busy as a beaver”. I look forward to seeing it in print. Great news. Marion


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